20 Passenger Minibus Rental

20 Passenger Minibus Rental

The 20-passenger minibuses are a step up in size from the 18-passenger models, offering medium-duty transportation for groups. Like other minibuses, they provide a comfortable cabin in a compact size that’s simple to get around streets and find park. You’ll have room for some luggage in the rear storage area but not massive cargo space. For groups needing a little more capacity than an 18-passenger bus but without the huge footprint of a motorcoach, this bus is the perfect fit. Rent one for winery tours in Towson, employee shuttles from Columbia, school trips to the National Aquarium, and more.

Available Amenities

  • Plush, reclining seats

  • PA system

  • Overhead luggage racks

  • Storage bins above seats

  • Air conditioning

  • Radio